We break what you make just to make it better.
Our team uses a top-down approach, aimed at a specific goal, which allows verification of the real impact of the identified vulnerabilities during an actual attack. We employ the latest techniques, along with professional tools, to identify and exploit any vulnerabilities, in order to demonstrate what a compromise of your most sensitive assets really means.
No matter if the target is a single application or a complex infrastructure, our team of security engineers has tested a diverse variety of web applications, mobile apps, IT and OT networks, as well as cloud infrastructures. We have the expertise and knowledge needed to develop the custom testing plan to fulfill any need.
BV Tech USA provides IoT, ICS, medical device, and other embedded device testing.
Modern embedded devices are complex systems, with a wide variety of features. These sprawling attack surfaces provide many and diverse opportunities for attackers to exploit a product's exposures. Starting by establishing specific goals, our device penetration testing services apply real-world attacks to your product to identify potential vulnerabilities.
Introducing security early in the design process is imperative for creating a trustworthy product. Our team works with you step-by-step throughout the product's development and implementation, bringing security-by-design expertise to embed security in coordination with your product design team.
Our goal is to help your company make educated decisions based on an understanding of the threats your product could be exposed to. With this knowledge, we make sure your product has the security implementations necessary to avoid negative outcomes. Additionally, our job is also about providing support developing and rolling out security features for your product to maintain complete security for both your customers and your business.
We work with your team to help you create security solutions that fit within your organization.
With expertise in Secure System Lifecycles, professional training, and the implementation of security programs, BV Tech USA can provide the support needed to improve the security of your products and services and train your company's information security personnel.
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