Security assessments, code review and information security management identify latent issues, allowing you to prevent service disruption, data breach, or financial damage.
Our team of security engineers has direct experience across a range industries
High Tech
Companies that are built around the services and tech products they provide must embrace security innovation to face not only current vulnerabilities, but also future threats. Whatever the complexity, from document management, to e-commerce, users expect their data to be absolutely private, and they chose to place their trust in your platform.

Mobile applications allow users to enjoy your service wherever they are. As they access public networks with minimal safeguards, a stricter grade of security is required to protect against mobile threats lurking on unknown networks.

During the software development lifecycle, it is crucial to embed security from the foundation. Penetration testing and code review must be part of the SDL program to support the rapid rate of innovation in both technology and threats.

The innovation process is also shaping modern infrastructures that rely more and more on the cloud, where deep knowledge of the components and managed services are of paramount importance for building secure platforms.

The team of BV Tech USA has a consolidated experience on supporting companies identify vulnerabilities and build secure products by means of threat modeling and full stack security assessments.

IoT and Embedded Devices
Modern embedded devices are complex systems, with a wide variety of features. This makes space for attackers to exploit the products' exposures. Starting by setting up specific goals, our device penetration testing services apply real-world attacks to your product to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Introducing security early in the design process is imperative for creating a trustworthy product. The team works with you step-by-step through the product's development, contributing with excellent skills in embedded security to your product design team.

Our goal is to help your business making educated decisions and understanding threats your product could be exposed to. With this knowledge, we make sure your product has the security implementations it needs to possess. Our job is also about providing support developing and rolling out security features that could be essential to run your product in complete security for both your customers and your business.

Critical Infrastructure
In the past, Operational Technology (OT) systems where not designed with security in mind as they were supposed to be segregated and isolated. The interconnection of Information Technology (IT) and OT system is the key item in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) transformation, projecting the industry in the future. The transformation introduces many advantages and new use cases for better efficiency, safety, less downtime, and new businesses.

However, such interconnection paradigm extends the attack surface and the set of threat actors, making critical infrastructures targets of modern attacks with a potential impact not only in terms of information security, but also on the safety of people. Legacy systems that were not designed to be connected lack the modern security features and capabilities we rely on when designing secure infrastructures, and are often hard to replace or even patch.

It is crucial to understand how to introduce defensive layers to protect the infrastructure from modern and older threats.

The team of BV Tech USA has a solid experience on performing security assessments of critical infrastructures and supporting clients on identifying potential threats, attack vectors and mitigation strategies to secure systems. Knowledge of protocols and experience play a crucial role when working on Industrial networks as service interruption is not an option.

BV Tech USA helps clients to assess the actual security posture of their critical infrastructure by simulating real attack scenarios aimed at compromising the systems, shutting the services down, and support them to design the best mitigation strategy.

The phenomenon of ransomware attacks against hospitals and other medical infrastructures raised the awareness that cybersecurity threats can have a direct impact on human safety. Availability of connected health monitoring systems and confidentiality of information are the main challenges the industry has to face every day.

The digital transformation is widely present also in the healthcare industry; connected systems, insulin pumps, pacemaker, wearable devices for medical purposes are designed to make life easier, but also introduce cybersecurity risks that must be correctly addressed. As online services and applications are now the new standard-de-facto for both patients and doctors, organizations must design and develop services with security in mind to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.

Common security flaws that have minor impacts in other industries could lead to more serious consequences when affecting health applications; it is crucial to understand such differences to properly secure PII.

The team of BV Tech USA worked with hospitals, private clinics and organizations active in the connected healthcare field, helping them to detect latent risks and assessing the security posture of their services. Modeling the attack surface, potential threats and attack scenarios against private systems, cloud infrastructure, custom applications and medical devices is crucial to develop the trust their customers depend upon.

BV Tech USA helps clients to assess the security of their applications and products by performing targeted penetration test against systems and applications, reviewing the source code to identify latent vulnerabilities and weak implementations, and hardware testing medical devices.

The energy industry faces unique cybersecurity challenges because of the large supply chain and the interconnection of heterogeneous, complex, distributed systems. The digitalization of Operational Technology (OT) systems and the interconnection to traditional IT increase the complexity of the infrastructure, expanding the attack surface to more threat actors.

Distributed monitoring and supervising devices, such as smart meters and smart breakers, are located in unsafe environments and exposed to physical and hardware attacks that could have serious impact on the whole infrastructure.

The team of BV Tech USA has a solid experience on supporting energy industries and manufacturers of smart devices by delivering strategic consultancy on identifying latent risks and attack scenarios, assessing the security of networks and applications, and dissecting embedded device (hardware tampering, firmware analysis and machine-to-machine communication).

BV Tech USA helps clients to discover risks in their systems, applications and embedded devices, and support them in designing secure and resilient operations.

Financial Services
All modern financial services and banks widely offer online and mobile banking, which are still favorite environments for threat actors and malware to perpetrate frauds and attacks. Banks which have to support peculiar systems and infrastructure, such as point of sale systems, or automated teller machines, require special attention and experience in handling the specific difficulties they pose and the environment in which they reside.

However, financial services and banks relies also on corporate network and internal systems that must be as secure as the Internet-facing ones to prevent attacks also from the corporate network.

The team of BV Tech USA has a strong experience on supporting financial institutes and banks to make their systems secure against modern threat. The team tested online and mobile banking for major financial institues, supported the engineering teams in designing secure applications, and simulated real-world attacks against the private services and ATM.

BV Tech USA helps clients to assess the actual security of online and mobile banking applications, instant payment apps, ATMs, Point of Sales, and the corporate network by performing targeted penetration tests, support them in designing secure applications and the best mitigation strategy.
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